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Immunohistochemically detectable p53 and mdm-2 oncoprotein expression in colorectal carcinoma: prognostic significance
  1. D Öfner,
  2. H Maier,
  3. B Riedmann,
  4. P Holzberger,
  5. M Nogler,
  6. M Tötsch,
  7. A Bankfalvi,
  8. G Winde,
  9. W Böcker,
  10. K W Schmid
  1. Gerhard Domagk Institute of Pathology, University of Münster, Germany
  2. Department of Surgery
  3. Department of Surgery I, University Hospital, Innsbruck, Austria
  4. Department of Pathology


    Aims—To investigate the correlation between the expression of the p53 and mdm-2 oncoproteins and to assess their prognostic value in colorectal cancer.

    Methods—Using a polyclonal (CM1) and a monoclonal antibody directed against p53 and mdm-2, respectively, these oncoproteins were stained immunohistochemically in 109 colorectal adenocarcinomas.

    Results—p53 was detected in less than 10% of tumour cells in 11 of 109 adenocarcinomas, in 10-50% of tumour cells, in 17 of 109 adenocarcinomas, and in more than 50% of tumour cells in 32 of 109 adenocarcinomas. Expression of mdm-2 was detected in 22 of 109 (20%) cases investigated, of which 19 showed concomitant p53 expression. In most cases mdm-2 immunoreactivity was strongly associated with a small proportion of p53 positive tumour cells. Both p53 and mdm-2 expression lacked statistical significance when correlated with common staging and grading parameters.

    Conclusions—Detection of p53 and mdm-2 oncoprotein expression, detected using immunohistochemistry, is of no prognostic value in colorectal cancer. However, the close correlation between mdm-2 immunoreactivity and the proportion of p53 positive cells provides further evidence that the mdm-2 gene product interacts with p53 protein.

    • Immunohistochemistry
    • p53
    • mdm-2
    • colorectal cancer

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