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Isolation of DNA from archival Papanicolaou stained cytological smears using a simple salting-out procedure
  1. M Poljak,
  2. J Barlič,
  3. K Seme,
  4. T Avšič-Županc,
  5. A Zore
  1. Institute of Microbiology, Medical Faculty of Ljubljana, Zaloška 4, 61105 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  2. Department of Gynaecology, Medical Center Ljubljana, Šlajmerjeva 2, 61105 Ljubljana, Slovenia


    DNA from archival Papanicolaou stained and unstained cytological smears was successfully isolated using a simple, rapid and inexpensive salting-out procedure. The quality of DNA was controlled by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification of segments of the human β-globin, human β-actin and human papillomavirus L1 genes. Only negligible differences in amplification efficiency were observed between DNA isolated from stained and unstained smears. The salting-out procedure is a more rapid method for the isolation of DNA than phenol-chloroform extraction and may be used in instances where fresh or cryopreserved clinical specimens are not available.

    • Polymerase chain reaction
    • DNA isolation

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