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Postmortem diagnosis of Factor V Leiden from paraffin wax embedded tissue
  1. J S Webb,
  2. G R Standen,
  3. C M P Collins,
  4. C P Case
  1. Molecular Haematology Unit, Department of Haematology, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol BS2 8HW
  2. Department of Histopathology


    Activated protein C resistance resulting from Factor V Leiden is an important inherited thrombophilia disorder which is found in 3.5% of people in the UK. The genetic defect can be detected using the PCR and the diagnosis can be made postmortem from paraffin wax embedded tissue. The presence of Factor V Leiden should be sought in all cases of unexplained sudden death resulting from venous thromboembolism.

    • Factor V Leiden
    • thromboembolism
    • thrombophilia disorder

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