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Heterogeneity of clonal lymphocytes with regard to bcl-2 protein concentration and cell size.
  1. T J Bromidge,
  2. D J Howe,
  3. S A Johnson,
  4. S A Rule
  1. Department of Haematology, Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust, UK.


    The existence of subpopulations of clonal lymphocytes in patients with low grade lymphoproliferative disorders, with regard to both cell size and bcl-2 protein concentration is reported. Flow cytometric analysis showed that the lymphocytes with higher levels of bcl-2 corresponded to a subset of larger lymphocytes. Statistical analysis suggested that the increased concentration of bcl-2 was not accounted for by the increase in cell size and it is possible that these cells form a functionally distinct component of the clonal proliferation. One patient, analysed in greater detail during treatment with a purine analogue, showed the subpopulations to exhibit a differential sensitivity to chemotherapy.

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