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Upregulation of ATM in sclerosing adenosis of the breast.
  1. R A Clarke,
  2. R Kairouz,
  3. D Watters,
  4. M F Lavin,
  5. J H Kearsley,
  6. C S Lee
  1. Division of Cancer Services, St George Hospital, New South Wales, Australia.


    The gene mutated in ataxia telangiectasia (ATM) has an established tumour suppressor role in breast cancer. ATM appears to be expressed in most normal cells, including breast epithelium, where it has been postulated to have a nuclear role in cell cycle regulation following DNA damage. However, ATM is not upregulated after DNA damage. In this study, we demonstrate an absence of immunohistologically detectable levels of ATM in the normally quiescent myoepithelial cells that line normal breast ducts. This contrasts dramatically with the significant expression of ATM in the proliferative myoepithelium of sclerosing adenosis (n = 7). This upregulation of ATM suggests that ATM expression is coupled to the proliferative status of the myoepithelium. Our results also indicate that there are factors other than ATM gene mutations that can dramatically influence ATM expression in the breast and that these factors should be considered for their possible implications in carcinogenesis.

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