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Molecular and Cellular Pediatric Endocrinology.
  1. P M Clark

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    Handwerger S, ed. ($125.00.) The Humana Press, 1999. ISBN 0 896 03406 2

    This book forms part of the Contemporary Endocrinology series published by Humana with an amazing 12 other titles appearing in 1999. As the editor indicates, the aim of this book is to concentrate on those topics that have shown the most rapid change, and the book itself is therefore not comprehensive, although individual chapters are. As an approximation, growth receives the greatest attention, followed by steroid hormones and then a miscellany of topics—diabetes (mellitus and insipidus), thyroid cancer, and hypophosphataemic rickets. In no sense is the term “miscellany” intended to be derogatory; I particularly enjoyed the chapters on diabetes insipidus, thyroid cancer, and aspects of pituitary development, reflecting personal areas of ignorance and/or interest. The emphasis for most chapters is on molecular rather than cellular aspects, and most cover the clinical implications. An odd chapter here or there is rather dense, with no illustrations, making it heavy reading for someone new to the field, but on the whole all are well written and well referenced. An enjoyable and informative read and, although one might not read it cover to cover, it will be of interest to researchers new to the field and to clinicians and scientists providing a clinical service.

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