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Retroviral vectors
  1. K M Kurian1,
  2. C J Watson1,
  3. A H Wyllie1
  1. 1Sir Alistair Currie CRC Laboratories, Molecular Medicine Centre, Western General Hospital, Crewe Road, Edinburgh EH4 2XU, UK
  1. Dr Kurian


Traditionally, the retrovirus is regarded as an enemy to be overcome. However, for the past two decades retroviruses have been harnessed as vehicles for transferring genes into eukaryotic cells, a process known as transduction. During this time, the technology has moved from being a scientific laboratory tool to a potential clinical molecular medicine to be used in gene therapy. This review explains the strategy for harnessing the retrovirus life cycle, the scientific research and clinical applications of this methodology, and its limitations, as well as possible future developments.

  • retrovirus
  • provirus
  • reverse transcriptase
  • murine leukaemia virus, ecotrophic

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