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Methods in Molecular Medicine: Renal Cancer.
  1. P G Murray

    Statistics from

    Mydlo JH, ed. (£99.50.) Humana Press, 2001. ISBN 0 89603 828 9.

    At first sight, it might seem that a textbook entitled Renal Cancer; Methods and Protocols might be of limited value only to those of us not passionate about the study of this cancer type. It is perhaps disappointing then that the title belies a much broader coverage of molecular biology and other approaches to the study of cancer in general; one which should be of considerable value to the scientist or clinician working in any laboratory based study of cancer. In particular, there are excellent chapters on several established and newer technologies, including comparative genomic hybridisation, the detection of apoptosis, fluorescent in situ hybridisation, the polymerase chain reaction, and laser capture microdissection, among others. As with other titles in this series, each chapter comprises both an introductory text to the techniques and detailed protocols, which are supported by high quality illustrations. Overall, I found this book surprisingly easy to read; not always the case for a methodology based text.

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