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Methods in Molecular Medicine: Melanoma Techniques and Protocols
  1. P Colloby

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    Nickoloff BJ, ed. ($125.00.) Humana Press, 2001. ISBN 0 896 03684 7

    This is number 61 in a series of books on molecular medicine published by Humana Press. It is very comprehensive in its scope and has 20 chapters written by different authors starting with general aspects of melanoma molecular biology, ranging through tumour suppressor genes, tumour specific antigens, and genetic testing, going on to diagnostic aspects, treatment, and monitoring of residual disease. Each chapter has a standardised layout, each topic covers general principles as well as those more specific to malignant melanoma, and there are step by step details of methods and comprehensive references. Chapters vary in length but are of a uniform high standard and all are clear even to a non-expert. In many cases, the chapters will be of interest to workers in fields other than melanoma because they have some general applicability.

    Workers in the field may be well versed in one aspect of this disease and for them this book will put other areas of research into perspective. In conclusion, there is something for everyone here who is interested in the enigmatic world of malignant melanoma.