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Molecular Analysis of Cancer
  1. J Crocker

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    Boultwood J, Fidler C, eds. (£85.00.) Humana Press, 2002. ISBN 0 89603 622 7

    As always with this sort of book, it is not certain who would purchase it and I would suspect that it would be more an institutional copy than a personal one. This is because the contents range from general chapters, such as those on spectral karyotyping and on comparative genomic hybridisation analysis to highly specific chapters, such as those on the ATM gene, aberrant methylation of the P15NK4B gene promoter, and mutational analysis of the neurofibromatosis type I gene. That said, it is an interesting book into which to dip and general points can often be inferred from more specific fields.

    Speaking from experience, I know how difficult it is to edit a multiauthor text with regard to keeping style and content uniform. However, perhaps we are all too obsessed with this notion in science and medicine, and some variety is probably inevitable in such a venture. The authors are, however, to be congratulated in maintaining a standard format throughout the entirety of this book, which varies enormously in its type of input. The illustrations are clear and well presented and the legends that accompany them are also very clear. Furthermore, the text manages to maintain a good balance between theoretical background and “recipes”.

    This is yet another successful volume from Humana press in their “Methods in molecular medicine” series. I am certain that it will find use in our molecular research laboratories and I suspect that it will be borrowed by several of my colleagues. Finally, it is nice to see that the book is printed on acid free paper!!