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Molecular Cytogenetics. Protocols and Applications
  1. J Crocker

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    Fan Y-S, ed. ($135.00.) Humana Press, 2002. ISBN 1 58829 006 9.

    Yet another useful book from Humana Press! This is a multiauthor publication, covering both general aspects of molecular cytogenetics and specific medical conditions. Thus, there are contributions of the “recipe” type, such as those on fluorescence labelling of RNA probes, fluorescence in situ hybridisation (FISH), chromosome microdissection, spectral karyotyping, fibre FISH, and microarray comparative genomic hybridisation. There are also more disease orientated sections, such as those on HER2 in breast cancer and chapters on myeloid leukaemia, microdeletion syndromes, and preimplantation diagnosis of aneuploides. It is a reflection on this field that such a book is of interest and value to someone such as myself, a histopathologist with molecular interests. This is because there is much overlap between techniques and applications here. For example, FISH is applicable both to neoplastic pathology and the investigation of fetal disorders. Therefore, this book will appeal to individuals, in addition to laboratories and libraries as purchasers. The illustrations are of good quality and the indexing is adequate.