Table 1

Paraffin wax embedded bone marrow trephine blocks used for the extraction of DNA

PCR results using PBMT DNA samples
IgH clonality
PatientBlockDNAHistologyt(11;14)t(14;18)FR2FR3 PCR results using DNA extracted from other tissues
FCL, follicle centre lymphoma; MCL, mantle cell lymphoma; N, normal; PBMT, paraffin wax embedded bone marrow trephine.
111NNegativeNegativePolyclonalPolyclonalNo other tissues tested
222A,2BFCLNegativeNegativePolyclonalPolyclonalt(14;18) not detected in blood or bone marrow aspirate
Polyclonal B cell profile generated from blood sample
333FCLNegativePositiveOligoclonal (4 dominant bands)Polyclonalt(14;18) detected in biopsy from small intestine
444A,4BMCLPositiveNegativeClonalClonalt(11;14) detected in lymph node and peripheral blood
555A,5BMCLPositiveNegativeClonalClonalt(11;14) and clonal B cell population detected in lymph node