Table 1

Summary of cDNA clones overexpressed in colon cancers selected by suppression subtractive hybridisation and macro-DNA array

Non-specific crossreacting antigen50
Mitochodrial DNA3
NADH dehydrogenase subunit 22
Ribosomal protein S 191
Ribosomal protein S 41
Ribosomal protein L 271
H3 histone, family 3A1
Guanidine nucleotide binding protein (G protein), bate polypeptide 2-like 1 (RACK 1)1
CD24 antigen1
Thymosin, β41
Integrin α61
Prothymosin, α1
Collagen, type 1, α 21
p97 (eukaryotic initiation factor 4G)1
map 3p22, 9.65 cR from CHLC.GATA 87B02 repeat region1
cDNA FLJ 20676 fis, clone KAIA 42941