Table 1

Phenotypic characteristics of the blood culture arcobacter isolate and other arcobacter species

Growth on/in/atSusceptibility to
SpeciesMacConkey agar1% glycine1.5% NaCl3.5% NaCl42°CCatalaseNitrate reductionNitrite reductionIndoxyl acetate hydrolysisNalidixic acidCephalothin
V, variable; W, weakly positive; ND, not determined; R, resistant; S, sensitive.
A cryaerophilus group 1A+V+VR
A cryaerophilus group 1B++VND+SV
A butzleri ++VVVW++SR
A nitrofigilis ++++SS
A skirrowii V+VV++ND+SS
Blood culture isolate++W++SR