Table 2

Characteristics of patients with bacteraemia caused by Arcobacter spp

RefsOn et al (1995)21Hseuh et al (1997)20Yan et al (2000)22Present case
Sex/ageM/1 dayF/72 yearsM/60 yearsF/69 years
Predisposing factorsPreterm labourChronic renal failure, haemodialysis with arteriovenous fistulaChronic hepatitis B carrier, liver cirrhosisNone
Presenting featuresNeonatal sepsisFever, cough, sputum, pleuritic chest pain for 2 months; anorexia, frequent loose stool for 1 monthFever for 1 dayFever and right lower quadrant pain for 1 day
Source of infection/route of transmissionVertical?Infected arteriovenous fistulaUnknownOral
Arcobacter species A butzleri A cryaerophilus A butzleri A butzleri
Method of identificationNumerical analysis using 66 phenotypic characteristicsConventional phenotypic tests, API CAMPY system16S rRNA gene sequencing16S rRNA gene sequencing
TreatmentPenicillin, cefotaximeCeftizoxime, tobramycinCefuroximeCefuroxime, metronidazole