Table 1

Summary of clinicopathological prognostic value of MVD in EOC

AuthorsRefNo. of patientsMonoclonal antibodies toEOC typeCorrelations, results, and conclusions. Clinicopathological or prognostic value
DFS, disease free survival; EOC, epithelian ovarian cancer; FIGO, Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics; MVD, microvessel density; OAS, overall survival; vWF, von Willebrandt factor.
van Diest et al (1995) 176 73vWFFIGO III and IVMVD shows no association with many other prognostic variables. In survival analysis: tendency for worse prognosis with higher MVD
Hollingsworth et al (1995) 165 43CD34FIGO III and IVMVD and stage are associated with DFS and OAS; higher MVD confers worse prognosis; low MVD is a predictor of DFS. MVD is therefore a useful prognostic tool
Amis et al (unpublished data, 2002) 138 97vWFDifferent subtypesNo higher MVD seen in malignant tumours compared with benign tumours
Nakanishi et al (1997) 159 60vWFStage I–IVIn EOC, angiogenesis is equally stimulated regardless of stage. MVD alone does not provide prognostic information in these tumours
Orre et al (1998) 137 56CD31, CD34, vWFSerous and mucinous tumours, borderline cystadenomas, and othersThe degrees of control and angiogenesis differ between ovarian tumour types. No association was found between increased MVD and poor prognosis
Alvarez et al (1999) 177 88CD31, vWFPrimary EOC: serous, endometrioid, mucinous, clear cells, and undifferentiated carcinomas Stage I–IVFrom MVD alone: overall median survival was 2.7 years in women with high MVD versus 7.9 years for those with low MVD. A low MVD was associated with better 5 year survival in both early stage (I/II) and advanced stage (III/IV) disease. MVD is a prognostic tool in early stage disease
Abulafia et al (2000) 166 83vWFPrimary stage I invasive. Stage I low malignant potential EOCMVD may help to differentiate between low malignant potential and invasive tumours
Nakayama et al (2001) 178 42CD34Stage I–IV serous, mucinous and othersNo significant prognostic value of MVD was found for patients with EOC. MVD had no influential effects on the survival of patients with EOC
Ogawa et al (2002) 179 105CD34Primary EOC. Stage I–IVIn EOC, MVD is an independent prognostic factor. Higher MVD with clear cell adenocarcinoma had the better prognosis