Table 1

Characteristics of human acid phosphatases

Human acid phosphatase (AP)Tissue/cells cells of originM (kDa)Gel bandChromosomeAmino acid sequenceAmino acid homologyTartrate resistanceFluoride resistance4
Gel band refers to the relative position of acid phosphatase after its migration towards the cathode in acidic polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.1013
M, molecular mass.
Lysosomal (LAP)Most cells1100132111423350% PAP3+
Prostatic (PAP)Prostate gland, brain, spleen, liver, platelets10032b533345350% LAP3+
Erythrocytic (EAP)Erythrocytes, many cell types18612271578None known++
Macrophage (MAP)Macrophages of liver, spleen, lung3795101993259High with OcAP12++
Osteoclastic (OcAP)Osteoclasts of bone37115101993259High with MAP12+