Table 2

Clinical importance of human acid phosphatases

Human acid phosphatase (AP)Clinical and laboratory importance
*Relative position of acid phosphatase after its migration towards the cathode in acidic polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.1013
Lysosomal (LAP)LAP deficiency: an inherited autosomal recessive disorder affecting metabolism14
Prostatic (PAP)Serum marker for cancer of the prostate15
Semen marker used in forensics for cases of sexual abuse16
Erythrocytic (EAP)Increased susceptibility to developmental disturbances and haemolytic favism with certain alleles8
Paternity testing17
Macrophage (MAP)Gaucher's disease: an inborn error of cerebroside metabolism1819
Osteoclastic (OcAP)Metastasis to the bone2021
Bone resorption conditions22