Table 1

Breakdown of the four groups of parameters used for the scoring system

AF, annulus fibrosus; NP, nucleus pulposus.
Loss of demarcation between NP and AF
0Clear demarcation
1Limited loss of demarcation
2Substantial loss of demarcation
3Complete loss of demarcation
Loss of proteoglycan from NP
0No loss of haematoxophilia
1Limited loss of haematoxophilia
2Substantial loss of haematoxophilia
3Complete loss of haematoxophilia
Presence and extent of fissures
0No fissures
1Fissures present within NP
2Fissures extending to junction of NP and AF
3Fissures extending to within AF
Cell cluster formation
0No cell clusters
1Less than 25% of cells formed into clusters
225–75% of cells formed into clusters
3Over 75% of cells formed into clusters