Table 1

Apoptotic index (AI) of SGC-7901 cells after co-culture with increasing concentrations of Helicobacter pylori for 48 hours using DNA specific fluorochrome staining and flow cytometry

Mean apoptotic index (SD)
Concentration of H pylori (CFU/ml)Fluorochrome stainingFlow cytometry
Apoptotic index of gastric cells was defined by the percentage of apoptotic cells over the total number of cells counted. *p<0.01, compared with control; †one way ANOVA, p<0.01.
CFU, colony forming units.
0 (control)1.68 (0.13)1.70 (0.12)
3.2×1042.35 (0.44)2.30 (0.27)
1.6×1053.55 (0.24)*3.56 (0.11)*
8.0×1055.35 (0.37)*5.31 (0.75)*
4.0×1069.53 (0.15)*†9.49 (0.17)*†