Table 1

Detection of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) in tonsils from paediatric liver transplant recipients: clinical summary and quantitative assessment of EBV infection

PatientAge at OLT (years)SexEBV serology pre-OLTEBV serology post-OLT (months post-OLT)AcyclovirTonsillectomy (years post-OLT)EBV+ cells (/0.5 cm2)IgH PCR
F, female; IgH: immunoglobulin heavy chain locus; M, male; ND, not done; O, oligoclonal; OLT, orthotopic liver transplantation; P, polyclonal; React., EBV reactivation; Seroconv., EBV seroconversion.
10.5FPositiveReact. (13)Yes68P
34FPositiveReact. (4)Yes430P
44MPositiveReact. (21)Yes5105ND
57MPositiveReact. (16)Yes53P
61FPositiveReact. (14)No3700P
82FNegativeSeroconv. (4)Yes483P
92FNegativeSeroconv. (15)Yes61000O
107FNegativeSeroconv. (41)No42P
116FNegativeSeroconv. (7)No31500ND
122FNegativeSeroconv. (6)No2650O
131FNegativeSeroconv. (12)Yes3900P
148FNegativeSeroconv. (6)No50ND