Table 2

Comparison of microbiological and clinical characteristics of HKU3 and those of closely related members of paenibacillus

CharacteristicsHKU3Paenibacillus maceransPaenibacillus amylolyticusPaenibacillus borealisPaenibacillus alveiPaenibacillus polymyxa
*Pinpoint colonies at 72 hours; †weakly positive.
V, variable.
    Gram smearGram negative rodGram positive rodGram positive rodGram negative rodGram positive rodGram positive rod
    Cell width ≥10 μmV
    Anaerobic growth+++++
    Growth at 50°C+*V
    Growth at 65°C
    Growth in 7% NaCl
    Catalase production+†+++++
    Nitrate reduction++++
    Acid from glucose+++++
    Casein hydrolysis+†+++
    Voges-Proskauer reaction++
    Cause of pseudobacteraemiaYesYesNoNoNoNo
    Isolation from clinical specimensNoYesNoNoYesYes