Table 6

Site and timing of recurrence in postoperative serum mutant K-ras positive patients

PatientDukes’ stageTime of positive serum k-ras*Time of recurrence†Site of recurrenceLead time‡
All time periods are in months.
*This is the postoperative duration when a positive serum mutant KRAS2 test was first detected.
†The postoperative duration when clinical recurrence was first detected.
‡Lead time is the duration by which serum mutant KRAS2 positivity pre-dated the development of clinical recurrence.
¶Patient M39 developed a local recurrence and became serum mutant KRAS2 negative following resection of the recurrence.
§These patients were concomitantly carcinoembryonic antigen and serum mutant KRAS2 positive.
C12D5 21Retroperitoneum16
C31B3 8Liver5
M39¶B15 18Colon3
M9C16 20Liver4
M10C20 28Pelvis8
M12C19 23Bladder4
M22B26 32Lung6
M65C36 36§Liver0
M55B20 20§Liver0
M57B24 24§Lung0
C28B14None @ 26
C52A12None @ 24
C64B8None @ 19
C67B7None @ 18
M32C46None @ 58
M6B24None @ 36