Table 1

Relation of increased cyclin D1 expression to clinicopathological features of 30 carcinomas of the ampulla of Vater

Cyclin D1 expression
IncreasedNormal or negativep Value
Values are mean (SD).
Histological grade: pap, papillary adenocarcinoma; well, well differentiated; mod, moderately differentiated; poor, poorly differentiated.
*Mann-Whitney U test; †two tailed Fischer’s exact test.
LI, labelling index.
Age (years)66.2 (8.2)62.9 (7.2)0.2575*
Sex (female/male)6/113/100.6908†
Histological grade (pap+well/mod+poor)6/119/40.0824†
Size25.5 (13.3)22.5 (5.4)0.9831*
Lymph node metastasis11 (64.7%)5 (38.5%)0.2685†
Clinical stage (stage I+II/III+IV)9/87/61†
MIB-1 LI50.1 (12.8)33.8 (20.6)0.018*