Table 1

Clinicopathological features of patients with Wilms’s tumour

CaseStageAgeSexHistopathologyMetastasesHistological features
Tumours exhibiting muscle are designated “heterotypic Wilms’s tumours”, whereas tumours with no evidence of muscle are designated “homotypic Wilms’s tumours”.
*Tumours included for western blot analysis.
BL, blastemal; EP, epithelial; FH, favourable histology; M, muscle; N/A, not available; STR, stromal; UF, unfavourable histology (anaplasia).
Paired primary and metastatic tumour samples
WiT 49pII3 yearsFUF306010Yes
WiT 49mIV4 yearsUF (diffuse)Lung306010Yes
WiT 135III5 yearsFFH15805No
WiT 135xIII5 yearsFHLymph15805No
WiT 100II3 yearsMUF (diffuse)560–7020–25Yes
WiT 108IV4 yearsFHLiver5950No
WiT 156*II6 yearsMFH207010No
WiT 157vIV6 yearsFHLymph207010No
WiT 168vIII8 yearsFFHLymph5950No
WiT 167vIV8 yearsFHLung5950No
WiT 131vIIN/AMUF (diffuse)106030Yes
WiT 151vIIIN/AUF (diffuse)Pleural mass306010Yes+adipose
WiT 149vIII4 yearsFFHHilar lymph58015No
WiT 149wIV4 yearsFHLung58015No
WiT 140II4 yearsFFH57520No
WiT 140vIV4 yearsFHLung57520No
WiT 146*I6 yearsFFH58510No
WiT153II7 yearsUF (focal)Omentum58510No
Unpaired primary tumour samples
WiT 180II5 yearsFUF (diffuse)304030Yes+cartilage
WiT 173II5 yearsFFH10855No
WiT 178II3 yearsMFH108010Yes
WiT 176II5 yearsFFH207010No
WiT 179II5 yearsFUF (diffuse)603010No
WiT 175I1 yearMFH60040Yes
WiT 183II3 yearFFH256510No
WiT 158*I2 yearFFH65305Yes
WiT 148II9 monthsMFH157015No
WiT 141*II6 yearsMFH601030Yes
WiT 154*I3 yearsMFH254530No
Unpaired metastatic samples
WiT 168IV5 yearsMFHAdrenal2953Yes
Hilar lymph9523No
Inter-aortocaval lymph9523No
WiT 144vIII1 yearsFFHPeri-aortic lymph602020Yes
WiT 183vIV12 yearsMFHNeck105040No+cartilage
WiT 172III5 yearsFFHHilar lymph106030No
WiT 123IV6 yearsFUF (focal)Lung30700No
WiT 157*III8 yearsMFHPericaval lymph206020Yes
WiT 181vIV1 yearsMFHLung102070No
WiT 190III3 yearsMFHMass below spleen30605No