Table 4

Expression patterns of E-cadherin, β catenin, γ catenin, and ezrin in Wilms’s tumours and staining intensity using immunohistochemistry

E-cadherinβ Cateninγ CateninEzrin
Tumour groupEpBlStrEpBlStrEpBlStrEpBlStr
Each column shows the average range for all the tumours. Results are shown for all the tumours listed in table 1. Semiquantitative scale (relative to normal human kidney staining): –, negligible; +, weak; ++, moderate; +++, strong; ++++, very strong.
Bl, blastemal; Ep, epithelial; Str, stromal.
Primary tumours–/++–/++–/+++++++–/+++–/++
Paired metastatic tumours–/+++–/+++/+++++/+++++/++–/++/++–/++
Primary (non-metastatic) tumours–/+++–/+–/++++++/+++++/+++–/++++++++/++++
Unpaired metastatic tumours–/+++–/++++/+++++/+++++/+++–/+–/+++++/+++