Table 2

Clinicopathological characteristics and their association with overall survival in 25 patients with metastatic gastric cancer

Overall survival
VariableCoding planNEventsCensoredSurvival (months)Log rank
Regression score according to the Japanese Research Society for Gastric Cancer classification of gastric carcinoma30: 0, grade 0; 1a, grade 1a; 1b, grade 1b; 2, grade 2; 3, grade 3. p53 immunohistochemistry: 0, negative; 1, positive (nuclear expression in >10% of tumour cells).
Surgery0 No surgery9817.50.0007
1 Surgery1613316.0
Histological regression0 No regression141318.20.0018
1 Regression118318.8
p53 mutation0 No p53 mutation1715210.20.0439
1 p53 mutation86218.5
p53 immunohistochemistry0 Negative111017.20.0003
1 Positive1411317.3