Table 1

Characteristics of patients and controls

Group AGroup BControls
Total patient No789420
Mean (SD) age (y)65.8 (12.5)66.8 (12.6)65.4 (12.8)
Median age (y)69.56664.5
Female (%)35 (45)37 (40)11 (55)
Chemotherapy (%)53 (56)
    Tumour KRAS2 mutant +33/60 (55)
    Tumour KRAS2 mutant −20/34 (59)
Disease location†
    Rectal39 (50)53 (56)
    Left sided colon16 (21)17 (18)
    Right sided colon23 (29)24 (26)
Disease stage
    TVA 9 6
    Dukes’ A 711
    Dukes’ B3053
    Dukes’ C2121
    Dukes’ D11 3
Median (range) follow up duration in group B patients (months)
Group B (n=94)Group B (n=85)‡
Chemotherapy details for group A are not presented because of the incomplete postoperative follow up of this group.
†Disease location was defined as rectal, left sided, which includes all cancers located between the rectum and splenic flexure, and right sided, which includes all cancers located proximal to the splenic flexure.
‡This subgroup of group B comprised only patients with Dukes’ A, B, or C disease.
There was no significant difference in follow up between patients in group B or the subgroup thereof (§p=0.061 and *p=0.06, Mann Whitney U test).
TVA, tubulovillous adenoma; CEA, carcinoembryonic antigen.
All patients28 (1–72)28 (6–72)
Tumour KRAS2 mutant positive28.5 (8–70)*29 (8–70)§
Tumour KRAS2 mutant negative26 (1–72)*26 (6–72)§