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The use of cleavage site specific antibodies to delineate protein processing and breakdown pathways.
  1. J S Mort,
  2. D J Buttle
  1. Joint Diseases Laboratory, Shriners Hospital for Children, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


    The hydrolysis of peptide bonds is an integral part of most physiological and pathological processes, yet knowledge is often lacking as to which peptide bonds are cleaved, in which protein substrates, in which order, and by which proteolytic enzymes. An increase in our understanding of these processes will enhance understanding of the pathogenesis underlying many diseases and might aid in the recognition of new targets for therapeutic intervention. This article reviews the development, design, and use of antibodies for the detection of specific peptide bond cleavage events, and describes how the application of such antibodies can increase our understanding of the roles played by proteolytic enzymes in physiology and pathology.

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