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Immunoenzyme Multiple Staining Methods.
  1. J Clover

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    Van de Loos CM, ed. (£29.95.) Bios Scientific Publishers, 1999, ISBN 1 8599 6187 8.

    This book is number 45 in the well respected Royal Microscopical Society Microscopy Handbook series. Its stated intention is to be an invaluable practical companion for cell biologists, pathologists, and histologists new to multiple staining and to be a useful reference for more experienced workers. As someone who has no hands on experience of multiple immunoenzyme staining, I found it to be a concise, clearly written, and informative overview of the subject. After an introduction to the historical aspects, the reader is led through the principles of double and triple staining methods punctuated by many schematic diagrams and occasional photomicrographs. There is a helpful flow chart to aid the selection of the most suitable method and the chapter on tips and troubleshooting was of interest. Nearly half of the book comprises a series of appendices listing references, commercial and non-commercial visualisation systems, antibody conjugation protocols, and sources of reagents. Overall, I found this book to be a good basic introduction to the subject and would try to ensure that a copy was at hand should I ever attempt any of these techniques.

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